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Here is a platform that is decentralized providing you with a complete & fair 360° view of the ongoing projects, user reviews and ratings, top trending coins in the industry, articles and more.

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Coin Specs

Coin Name Reviewbase
Coin Ticker RVIEW
Algorithm Quark
Masternode Collateral 2000
Block Time 60 Sec
Total Supply 60 000 000
Premine 300 000
Stake Age 1 hr
Maturity Block 61 block
Last PoW Block 225 Block
Last PoS Block 39743146 Block

Features and Functionalities


If writing is your passion and you have knowledge and experience, then join us and create authentic and quality reviews and articles about all new or trending or existing major crypto currencies. Provide detailed information about any project new or existing in the market for other users and novices. Join the network of other experienced experts and enthusiasts and create your own knowledge sharing circle. As a Premium member earn high payouts from companies to write for them.  


Share your feedback and real time experience to earn rewards and experience points from various projects for genuine and good quality feedback. Share your user experience and lookout regarding a product or project with other users. Share images, pros and cons and your understanding to earn reward points and stars which help you to become a premium member and expert which helps you earn more rewards than an entry level user.


Create your own eco- system of your users and encourage them to share their reviews and feedback to attract the interest of other genuine stakeholders and investors. Encourage your users and community to provide real and detailed reviews and reply to those and interact with your users so that they feel connected to your project and support you all the way. Always remember, the word-of-mouth is till date one of the best way to market your product irrespective of industry. Also, encourage your users to write meaningful and helpful insights on your project by incentivizing them with regular rewards. Become a premium entity to get direct access to premium writers and reviewers also enjoy the option of keeping your comments and reviews private or limited to selected people.

Transparent Feedback

Explore fair and unbiased knowledge about the Cryptomarket. What’s new, what’s good, what’s possible and what may be something to watch out for are presented to you through knowledgeable writers, reviewers, veterans and current users. Genuinity and quality are two key goals we aim to achieve for all. All feedback and reviews are independent and formed by a diverse group of crypto users thus giving you the real story and helping you to get a clear idea about every project, exchanges, technology, wallets or applications and use

In-depth information

We bring to you not only a perspective from a user point of view but also from the eyes of an experienced crypto enthusiasts or developers. New ideas and possibilities are also be presented and discussed in our platform to get a preliminary user acceptance before building a new prototype. Existing projects, coins, platforms or exchanges are reviewed and analyzed not only from a user level but also from a functional and technological angle thus providing you an in-depth knowledge about the usability and feasibility and long term growth and potential. Download Immediate Edge app which helps in automated trading of Bitcoin and is apt for young enthusiasts. 

ReviewBase Coin

Keep posting and keep earning ReviewBase coins. Simply join and post your reviews, articles and experience about any coin, platform, exchange or project. As you keep posting, you keep collecting points and your rank. ReviewBase coin is built on PIVx and Quark, ensuring ease of use, privacy, transactional speed and safety. Additional to exchange listings which enables the coin to be traded and exchanged with other popular crypto through pairing, this coin is also the primary exchange currency in the ReviewBase platform wherein this coin is utilized towards premium memberships , promoting articles and authors, advertising and showcasing new projects, exchanges, coins or platforms.

Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3

01. Create Your Wallet

Download the wallet in your PC or Phone and register with your username and password to get started. If on mobile, enable 2FA for more security.

02.Register on ReviewBase

Go to reviewbase platform and create a profile for yourself. Select a role, add a description and update your wallet address to receive payments and rewards. For premium membership, make your payment to the address mentioned in the site and activate your account.

03.Send & Receive coins

Post reviews, write feedback or provide articles to gain reward points and stars. The more points and stars fetch you more coins as reward. Withdraw the coins to your exchange wallet and start trading with coins of your choice. Before starting up trading, review bitcoin profit app 2021, which depicts the user’s experiences and opinions.

Premium Author

‘Premium Author’ is a privileged status on ReviewBase platform that can be earned only by the most skilled and expert review authors and writers based on their rankings and membership status and that status earns them the advantage of promoting themselves and their services to the members and reader community.

As a Premium Author earn more rewards and coins than other regular or new users. Also get access to exclusive bounties from projects and also get invited to write for premium projects.

As a Premium Author your likes/dislikes have more weightage on experience points and ratings of new entrants. Your rating is given more weightage than that of an early entrant or first time writer. Premium Authors have a separate rating chart and you are showcased as our platform’s star authors. All Premium Authors are ranked by their stars and popularity.

Analytic Report

ReviewBase Coin and wallet

Great returns, private and instant transactions, safety, easy to use wallet and lucrative marketability. Get your wallet here

Instant exchange

Available in Crytobridge exchange, you can buy or sell your ReviewBase coins at ease.

Safety & Privacy

With a dynamic address generation in your wallet, ReviewBase coin is not only safe from traceability but also completely secure and anonymous in transactions.

Multiple roles

Join and post your reviews, articles and experience about any coin, platform, exchange or project with or without images. Keep posting, keep collecting points and increase your rank.

Automated Filter

Filter API system checks the quality of all posts and review and rewards you in ReviewBase coins giving you ranking points and stars depending on the quantity and quality of your posts.

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Distribution of Presale funds


Marketing & Sales

Funds will be utilized towards promotion and availability of ReviewBase in various crypto community with banner advertisements and listings in exchanges and masternode platforms


Platform Development

Funds allocated towards platform development will go towards developer’s fee, infrastructure management and maintenance and upgradation of the ReviewBase platform


Team Development

These funds will be utilized towards recruiting full time premium writers, developers, marketers and other staff members for ReviewBase platform


Admin & Operations

These funds are to be utilized towards member engagements & development in various ReviewBase platform and coin communities

More Distribution Detail Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Do I have to be an author to join?

No, ReviewBase welcomes everyone, author, user or reviewers. You can share your thoughts, experience, views or reviews in our platform as a veteran writer or a novice user. All are welcome.

Q.Is it mandatory to disclose my identity in ReviewBase platform?

No, it is not mandatory. But as an author/ reviewer you will be more popular if you maintain a genuine identity with your real name, picture, a brief biography, location and social media links so that readers know and can relate to the person behind the article.

Q.I am neither an author nor a company; can I still use the platform?

Yes, everybody is welcome and can add value to ReviewBase platform. You as a user can earn rewards and experience points from various projects for genuine and good quality feedback and earn XP to become a premium member and expert thus earn more rewards than an entry level user. Also, you can use the platform to learn more about crypto if you are a novice.

Q.What do I need to start posting in ReviewBase?

You will need to register in the platform and update your RVIEW wallet address in your account for sending or receiving RVIEW coins.

Q.How do I get started?

Getting started on ReviewBase platform is very simple. Simply visit , sign up with your user name and password and start posting, reviewing or inviting your community members.

Q. How do I get RVIEW coins?

The ReviewBase coin is available in exchanges for direct trading. Also, you can earn ReviewBase coins by actively and regularly posting in our platform and earning points. The more points you get the more coins are rewarded to you.


Phase 1
  • Project planning
  • Formalization of project team
  • Distribution of tasks
  • Whitepaper release
Phase 2
  • Blockchain creation
  • Mainnet launch
  • Platform launch
  • Website launch
  • Bitcointalk Ann release
  • Beta testing of platform services
Phase 3
  • Staking Wallet release
  • Public MN Presale
  • 1st Exchange listing
  • listing
  • Social platforms release
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Onboarding of writers and reviewers
Phase 4
  • 2nd Exchange listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Platform Development with new features
  • Team expansion
  • Hiring of staff for Reviewbase platform
Phase 5
  • Campaigns to onboard more users
  • Inclusion of reviews of Top cryptocurrency projects
  • Community engagements
  • User Analytics & ratings
Phase 6
  • Android wallet release
  • Mac wallet release
  • Reviewing the platform performance and planning new developments for the future

What’s new, good or possible & what is something to watch out for are presented through our knowledgeable writers, reviewers, veterans and current users. Genuinity and quality are two key essence of our project.

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